Monday, March 11, 2013



I love coffee! It's on my list at number 3 for things I need to survive. Living in the Pacific Northwest I have a such a wide variety in coffee to choice from, but Starbucks will always be my favorite. Within the last year I have been seeing coffee ground scrubs everywhere, but I was never brave enough to give it a try. Until today. I have to say it really is very amazing.

Coffee ground body scrubs are get to help reduce the look of cellulite and it also exfoliates. Also might I add that smells amazing. The coffee scrub even helped to wake me up. Even if it doesn't truly help with celluite then thats fine by me because as an exfoliate its amazing. My skin feels amazing and even looks better.

Some people mix the coffee grounds with sugar white or brown, olive oil (or really any oil if you don't like olive),and even vanilla extract.

So will you give a coffee scrub a try?

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