Thursday, March 7, 2013

Just a little bit...

Here's a little bit of my daily makeup routine. This is a third of all I really use, but these are some of my musts.

 Aqua CG Smoothers
E.L.F. Eye Brow Kit
E.L.F Pigment Eyeshadow in Natural
E.L.F. Pigment Eyeshadow in Golden Goddess
Wet n' Wild n Cherry Frost
Burts Bees in Tiger Lily
E.L.F. Matte Lip Color in Red
Essence Lipliner in Red Blush

I love the E.L.F Eyebrow Kit, its a must for me. When I was younger I did what alot of young girls did....over pluck and the eyebrow kit works so well to hide the uneven places and to make my brows more even and defined.  This is a must and for only $3 how can you go wrong?  I got mine from Target.
Top to bottom E.L.F. Pigment Eyeshadow in Golden Goddess and Natural. E.L.F makes amazing eyeshadows and it doesn't matter what kind you get. Cause I think at this point I own if not all, most of them. The Golden Goddess and The Natural are two of my favorites. They are beautiful colors on there own or blended together. Also these are two colors that are perfect for blue eyes. They cost me only $3 a piece and I bought them at Target.

To this day I still love Wet n Wild lipstick. I should be more of a grown up and by more grown up lipstick, but I don't want to! Wet n Wild is so much fun  for less then a buck I can buy a lipstick try it on and if it doesn't work I chuck it. But if I do like I either wear it or I find a more expensive brand that has the same color. Its just so much fun to buy Wet n Wild because you can buy any color you want and if it doesn't work...oh well. Its just fun to try and oh so much fun to play. When it comes to Wet n Wild its about a 50/50 chance I will like it. The lipsticks tend to go on really smooth, but a lot of them have sparkle or shine to them. Which I'm not to fond of. But I have found a few such as the Cherry Frost (above) that I do love and I do wear often. Believe it or not it does have sparkle, but I love the color so much I just will myself to look past it. Anyways Wet n Wild was my very first brand of lipstick I ever bought, so in a way every time I put it on it just reminds me of me childhood.
I'm obsessed with Burt's Bees and everything they make. This is the very first lip balms I have bought that contains tint and so far I love it. The balm goes on clean and smooth and in a way it looks natural. Even better it doesn't dry out my lips! I bought this (Tiger Lily Lip Balm) from Fred Meyers on sale for $4.99 originally $7.99
E.L.F. Matte Lip Color. I own every single on Target has to offer! Really! I do! Love them and love this color and even better so does my boyfriend! Beautiful color! When I think of true red I think of this color. It really is a true red. It wears really well. It does bleed, but then so do all dark lip colors and thats why you do need a lip pencil. E.L.F Matte Lip Color in Red I bought at of course Target and it cost my only $3.
The Essence lipliner is the very first lip pencil I have ever bought. So far its okay. I won't say I love it, it just works for the time being. I bought it from Fred Meyer and I spent $1.99
I didn't upload a picture of the CoverGirl aqua cover up on its own because honestly I'm really not that fond of it. Don't get me wrong, I love CG and I have been using the CG brand for years. But the aqua cover up doesn't seem to mesh well with my skin. When I apply it on my skin after about 30 min my skin is oily/greasy. I do have combination skin but it does lean more to the dry side rather then the oily side. Also I have sensitive skin. The CG Aqua and my skin type just doesn't really work well together. I love CoverGirl and most of there cover ups but not this one. It cost me about $7

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