Sunday, March 3, 2013


I absolutely love Sundays.  I adore just beings able to read the Sunday Seattle Times while drinking a warm cup of sweet coffee or sometimes I even reread one of my favorite magazines from the past month. 

The Pacific Northwest doesn’t really see a whole lot of sunshine but today its beautiful outside and its made even better since its Sunday. Sundays are a perfect day to walk around town, grab a cup of coffee, or just spend time with a loved one. Most every Sunday I do just that, I spend time with my Prince Charming, my boyfriend.

Every Sunday I always make a nice dinner. Last week it was pork ribs, baked potatoes and brussels sprouts. Tonight I have made a homemade lasagna with rice noodles and a very tasty summery salad. The house smells just amazing right now. 

So what is your favorite day of the week and what makes it so special?

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