Monday, July 1, 2013


I like to be, tan yes I do!, I like to be, tan how about you!?! Thats my little song for the day. Its officially summer here in the Pacific Northwest and good good golly is it hot. 88 degrees of pure sticky, gross, smelly, hotness. Well since it is so hot and when in summer people do start wearing less clothes and when people start wearing less clothes for some reason skin always looks better in summer with a tan. One thing you all should know, I am not a tan bunny, nor am I willing to spend 5 hours a day in the sun for a sun tan. I rather fake bake and because I am almost Casper the friendly ghost white I almost have fake bake (lotion not tanning beds) down to a science. You may all be wondering skin tanning lotion isn't that hard, well it can be when you're super pale and after one application of lotion you're streaked for a week. Its gross. So this is what I do!

Part skin tanning lotion/ large amount cocoa butter. P.S. smells so good! Hint gross smelling lotion people we all know what you're doing. We can all smell it!

I hope every one is having a good Monday!

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