Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Simple Day

Today has been a simple day. It is a very gloomy, rainy day and I thought today would be best spent creating. Of course with my obsession of Pinterest and then the up coming warmer months I knew what exactly I was going to do. Tie dye!!! I love tie dye, always have, always will. So far I have created 4 tie dye tops. But sadly those pictures will come later, because everything is still wet and dripping a rainbow of different colors. My poor bathtub.

Today I thought I would share a few pictures from my recent shopping trip buys with my mother. I always get into a bit of trouble when I go shopping with my mother.

Sweater by St. Johns Bay

Sweater by Bisou Bisou Michele BohBot

Sweater by Jeans by Buffalo
Top by a.n.a. a new approach
Top by a.n.a. a new approach
Cardigan by Great Northwest Indigo

I found this wallet at Claries. I thought it would be nice for when I start school and I have to start wearing a backpack. It wouldn't take up very much space.

How cute is this? This is perfect for when I get my new id badge.

Obsessed with the Sally Hansen, love the hint of tangerine color. Not to happy with the Pure Ice. But its an okay color. 

Haven't tried these yet. But when I do I will let you all know how they wear.

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