Thursday, March 21, 2013


Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in - Born Withit and Green With Envy
NYC 16H Lipstain in - Unstoppable Red
Nivea Lip Butter in - Caramel Cream Kiss

The Maybelline color show nail polish is something I just became obsessed with. The colors are really pretty and super girly. The nail polish goes on super smooth and drys fairly well as any other. I will defiantly be buying and trying more. Also to my surprise my boyfriend really likes the mint green nail polish (Green With Envy ). I bought both of them at Target for $2.99 a piece.
The NYC 16H Lipstain is something I'm really not that fond of. I had been wanting a lipstain in red for sometime and it seems where I live its not easy to find. I did finally happen upon the NYC 16H Lipstain and was of so excited that the color was called Unstoppable Red. When I got it home and tried it on it was anything but red it looked more like a dark rose pink. I also found that it also tends to bleed, which I think is really odd for a lipstain to do. Sadly I do regret buying this mostly because its not red, not even close. I found this at Target $4.99
I absolutely love Nivea. I will try anything that Nivea puts out ( only if its made for a women). So of course why I saw that they came out with new scented lip butter tins I had to buy one. I have to honesty say I love it. The Carmel Cream Kiss smells so yummy, it really does smell exactly just like you think it would. It goes on so smooth and you don't need a ton on. It seems to last for a well and it really does wondrous things for my lips seeing that I am all ways out in the cold. I plan on trying out of the other flavors. I found the Nivea lip butter at Target for $3.99. They also have 3 other flavors. YUM!

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