Sunday, April 21, 2013

Travels so far

For the last year I have been keeping track of every where I have traveled. I find it very enjoyable to see where I have been and then to remember all the fun memories. I have always liked the look of a wall map, but I hated the idea of just putting a huge map of the U.S. on my wall. So I came up with the idea of as I travel from state to state I would only put up the states I had been to. So far I have been to 8 states and to 2 country's.

My camera wasn't really into taking pictures of the states. It didn't seem to know where to focus. "Shrug"

California is not on the wall yet due to the fact that I ran out of cork board and have yet to buy more.

 The newest additions to the wall are California,Arizona and of course New Mexico. My boyfriend and I have just recently come back from a trip to New Mexico and of course I have pictures to post. 

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