Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shea Moisture

I fell in love with this product when Target was selling it for all of a mina sec. Due to Target no longer carrying the brand any more I was able to buy the body scrub and lotion for half the price it normally would be. But I have found that I love everything about the scrub and lotion so much, I would pay any price for them.

The Lotion: I have been using the lotion sparingly, just because I love it so much. I don't have the heart to use it up so quickly. I have almost turned it into special occasions lotion ( date night, girls night out) things like that. The lotion is so thick and rich feeling that you almost feel that you don't need that much. I know some lotions you put on can sometimes feel like after 5 min of applying it, your skin feels like it already needs more lotion applied. With the Shea Moisture in no way do you need to apply more! The smell of  coconut and hibiscus will stick to your skin long after the lotion is applied. I usually can smell it for up to a good 2 hours after applying and usually I spray perfume on. Even with perfume on I can still smell the lotion. The smell of the lotion has to be one of my favorite things. Coconut and hibiscus is such a soothing and yummy smell. I found it very hard not to just open up the lotion to take a whiff every so often. 

Body Scrub: This was the very first thing I bought of this brand and the very first thing I feel in love with. 
When I unscrewed the lid the smell of coconut and hibiscus is unbelievable and even when the scrub is mixed with hot/warm water the smell just intensifies. It makes a simple shower feel like a spa. Once out of the shower the smell lasts for about 45 min. The oils and butter in the scrub just do wonders for dry skin. I do know when it comes to oils and hot water your skin can become upset and can even produce acne. But I have yet to have this have and I have been using the body scrub for the last month. The scrub part of the body scrub is really very nice, its not too rough or harsh. Its really very soft, but when you feel your skin, its so much softer then before you stepped in to shower. Its amazing!. I highly recommend this. I even fully  intend to buy this for a few Christmas gifts.

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