Thursday, July 25, 2013

My week and some photos

This has been a really rough week and I am oh so glad its almost over. To start things off I have been watching my boyfriends dog. Which is fine, but shes on his schedule which means early wake up calls and shes also super lost without him which means she has become my second shadow. I do feel really bad for her but I'm so ready for her to be gone. Anyways I really miss my rabbit Max I haven't spent anytime with him with him this week. Long story short Lacy (dog) wants to eat Max (rabbit). Not good!. 

But today was fun. I got out in the bright, warm weather. Went shopping and got some lunch with a friend. All in all it was a awesome day!

Sadly next week getting even more stressful. On top of work, I have a job interview and two doctors appointments. The appointments are for what my doctor thinks to be is either vertigo or an inner ear issue. So now I get to have a EEG, MRI, and I get to see a hearing doctor. Yeah! But its still Thursday so I am trying very hard not to think about next week. 

Because of the overwhelmingness (new word) of everything my brain has completely shut down. I am just stuck on stupid and sadly I'm okay with that.

A selfie! I was bored and getting tired of people taking too long to get ready.

 Having lunch at one of my favorite restaurants!


Chocolate time! Love See's Candy!

This is my new favorite snack! Nom, nom, nom

Early birthday gifts! 

My new fave body salve. I could not for the life of me get it open so, yes!, I stabbed it. It didn't work! So then I had to take a knife to the sides of the tin and slowly pry it apart. So pretty much now I can never close it. Ever! But I still love it and I would so but more

 I think everyone knows what this symbol is. I don't think I need to even say it. I love the bracelet and its so shiny and pretty. I just hope that I can keep it white.

 A yummy, yummy birthday gift! these so wont make it past next week.

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