Monday, July 29, 2013

The past weekend

I hope very one had a wonderful weekend. The past weekend for me was so much fun. Saturday was my birthday I am now officially 25. But I am not excited about that. At all! No I just feel older and its not a good feeling. But anyways Saturday I went out for a little birthday shopping with my best buddy in the whole wide world. B.B.!!!!  I was able to score two super cute dresses from Charlotte Russe. My new favorite body lotion for Bath and Body Works and some super yummy smelling pens.

Who doesn't love scented pens. These are such a throw back from my childhood.

These lovely's are from my boyfriend. They are so pretty I wished that they would never die. I will most likely dry some of them out. That way I have them forever. A little secret tid bit my boyfriend personally sang me happy birthday and had my blow out my birthday candle. Which I will forever save.

A little sewing kit given to me from my mother. I am so in love with the tin.

A vintage scarf given to me from my mom. I think I might have to worry that my mother might steal this from me.

Heres some of the foods I had for my birthday dinner.

 Fresh fruit, shrimp and sausage kabobs and warm tomato and mozzarella bread

White chocolate covered strawberries

Sunday I got a cup of coffee with the love of my life. Then we went out for gluten-free pizza at Naked Pizza. We both agreed that Domino's Gluten-Free pizza is so much better. Later on that night we caught a late night showing of  The Conjuring. Not a bad movie, wouldn't mind watching it a second time. Sadly it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.

Well I hope everyone had a perfect Monday and a wonderful week.

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