Friday, April 11, 2014

Mall Haul

This post isn't really about words today seeing that I have a really bad allergy headache. Yesterday my Fiancee and I took my mother out for a birthday lunch and to do a bit of shopping. Well like always I went a bit over board as usual and I wanted to share a bit of my buys with you all.

I did alittle shopping at Sephora. I am actually not a big shopper at Sephora, but every now and then it doesn't hurt. 

I didn't buy anything grand or super expensive, just a few things I love.

Smith's Rosebud and Strawbrerry balms. Love these, love this brand.These are a must for me!

I got these from my favorite natural store Earthbound. Crystals have always made me feel better, I love just looking at them or holding them and they just bring such great energy.

The incense matches were an impulse buy, just because they smell 
like coconut.

These are nose packs, the kind you peel off. They work so well its scary. My nose looks so much smoother and healthier. If I am ever able to find these again I will definitely stock up.

This has to be the coolest eyebrow pencil I have ever seen.

 I haven't tried the under eye concealer yet, I have tried the waterproof eyeliner and I have to say it is the best eyeliner I have tried in a while. It goes on so smooth and the pigment is just absolutely prefect. I am shocked about the quality I got for such a small price. Absolutely amazing eyeliner.

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