Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Saturday

We move Wednesday and it can not come soon enough. The mess of moving has gotten to me, our apartment has that wonder fragrance of boxes and currently my fiancee and I are fighting, which sadly is all due most likely due to stress. But now we are not talking. Great!

Any who... here are a few Instagram pictures from the past week.

Two new L.A. Colors nail polishes for Spring. I am absolutely in love with the pink which just happens to be talked Bloom. How perfect is that? I am currently wearing this color and its the perfect pink and it makes me just smile.

On the other hand the yellow which is called Daisy, looks much better in the bottle. In the bottle it looks soft and warm, and when I put it on it looks neon raver yellow. It is so not attractive on. I thought by the look of it in the bottle and it being called Daisy, I thought it would be prefect.

These don't really seem to work. These were something I just had to try. Left to right - L.A. Colors Super Strength and L.A. Colors Mega Grow

Finally got a new Ipod. Took me all most 4 years, but finally decided to up grade. Well kind of...

My latest read

My brand new blanket. So soft and fuzzy.

My new favorite sweet treat.

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